The futility of dreams

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What’s said about stories can also be said about dreams. Good things in life are not even true.

In fact, dreams are worse. The ones you see while sleeping, you can’t remember after waking up. The ones you see while waking up, won’t let you sleep and will grind your life to powder before coming true. You will never be able to forget these.

You don’t have a choice. None of the dreams are voluntary. They are forced and oppressive. At best, they are beautiful commercial breaks in an otherwise long and boring soap opera called life.

  • preethi

    Nice….simple and meaningful. I like sid’s argument too…seems like he would have liked to say much more 🙂

    • You bet, he will. Just that I have the password for the comment plug in:)

  • Ankit Kumar Pandey

    Their is yet another dimension to rethink the bold statement.Try to Aline oneself with DREAM,rather than i will call it a world dominant reality where u spend 20 years of your so called boring opera “life”.I think i would rather choose to believe that humans are blessed with power to dream as they live free,fly,kiss,live every emotion with a vibrant charm,dreams work as anti-depressants,i would choose to dream and live a life of a king in my dreams whether or not i am in reality,because i have nothing to loose,dreams are add-ons,like icing on a cake,,it just makes life more tasty.

  • Siddhartha

    Oh… NO.. NO… Now I being an insider here, have to admit that I am not in consonance with my friend’s opinion regarding dreams. Yes… They are, to an extent involuntary. But I have a firm belief that like the most craftiest of the fictions, they too just don’t exist in vacuum. There is a context to it. It’s very difficult to demarcate between dreams, aspirations, visions and so on and so forth. In one way they may be construed as breaks in our regular life. But for me they are a part of continuity of life (rather than being relieving commercial breaks) and may, at times act as triggers to some amazing visions turning into reality. For some it comes the easy way, for others it doesn’t even materialize in a life time of chasing these very dreams. But those who loose, haven’t lost entirely, they have moved ahead to some distance, if they have pursued their dreams sincerely. I am bound to believe that dreams should not be so badly ridiculed. They have immense potential.

    Let’s just talk of dreams that we see while we are sleeping. Isn’t it amazing, we are asleep, yet we see stuff. Now what sort of stuff we encounter. Stating just a few- of the worst kind of monsters brutalizing us, of fulfilling our extremest kind of desires with the one whom we aspire, of childhood times, of a future that we have not yet encountered, regarding death of the most loved ones, there is no limit to it. Yes when we wake up they vanish. Some dreams leave us in a gloomy state, some in a state of relief, some leave us awkwardly wet and again n number of possibilities.

    Dreams have their own universe. Its upon us to deal with it- whether we make them our masters or we deal with them as triggers for action.

    Now i am loosing patience n am sure Om would love this. He has managed to trigger me… 🙂

    • Now, Sid, you just made history. In the history of blogging, it’s the first time that a comment is longer than the post (says a lot about the post!). And, it is good to have people who disagree, I can’t kill them all 🙂

  • That’s nice read. Without dreams life will become listless.

    • Yes, Easwar, thanks for not starting a war like Sid above. Please come back again.