You are wrong. Happiness is overrated.

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Happiness is overrated. Peace is overrated. But we need those concepts as much as we need religion and alcohol. We are strange beings. We are like the sea. To be at peace, to be constant, is impossible. It’s against nature.

As soon as civilization began, so began the efforts to discipline the mind. The yogas, the tantras, the chants and the martial arts…what have we not done to control the wild horses in our heads. Few claim to have succeeded; others are just headless chickens searching for their eggs.

We all seek happiness. But can never maintain a state of happiness for too long. We reason that it’s too fleeting. Is it or are we? Let’s be honest, happiness is boring. You have a great job, married the love of your life and kids are getting A plusses. Do you go to bed with a smile on your face every night? No, you chase the meaning of life. You plan to become a top dog in some big MNC. A few years of that and you trade it for the shares and the grind of a start up.

They say it takes a little bit of salt to get the perfect sweetness in a dessert. Does it take a little bit of unhappiness to be absolutely content with life? Most of us equate life to standing on a narrow ledge in perfect balance.

Then, why do we feel alive when we leap off it?

Why does it feel so good to throw it all away?

Why is it such a relief to go to the back of the row and wait for your turn all over again?

We are not mad, we are not salmonella or pea aphids, we are not a suicidal species. We are all mildly self-destructive, but there is no reason to run too far with that argument.

So, if happiness is not worth chasing, what is? Is it productivity? Fulfillment? Actualization?  I don’t know, man. Go, see a baba or guru if you want such answers. All I have is questions.

  • Soumya Gupta

    This is so true. Sometimes I find myself getting sad for no reason, then I attribute it to the fact that ‘I must be sad in order to be happy’. Obviously taken from ‘It’s always darkest before dawn.’

    Soumya Gupta

    • But the question is do you constantly strive to feel happy? Any moment spent in sadness, is that a moment wasted in life?

  • umashankar pandey

    Happiness is a state of mind, worse, it keeps shifting base. Also, it is wildly relative. What a 1000 Rupees note may mean to a wage worker will surely not mean the same to a rich businessman.

  • matheikal

    No Baba is required for the answers to these questions. Each one defines his/her own happiness and accordingly works it out. The problem is when one defines it wrongly. At best a Baba can help in the defining process. But a Baba is likely to give wrong direction. Better sit and meditate a bit or go to a counsellor.

    • Even if they do that much, it will be great. As you said, to each his own. All I wanted to know is how many us truly value and pursue happiness as the goal of our lives.