Kabootarbazi In Purani Dilli & Launching Captain’s Clicks

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I am close to a hundred posts on my blog. By now, I have made it pretty evident that when it comes to photography, I have hands of steel. So, rather than torturing you with my lens work, I bring to you my friend Siddhartha Kumar. A pilot by profession (and a Captain at that!) and photographer by obsession, Sid has won many national contests and we have been lunching on his prize moneys since we were in college.

Now that the sweet part is over, let me tell you a bit of truth. Sid is a serial photographer and has a camera growing out of his hands like a sixth finger. No wonder, he has photographed everything, from lizards on his bathroom wall to the islands of Bali. A few days back, we decided that the gigabytes he has amassed over the years need some air and sunlight.

So, Sid has agreed to be a permanent resident guest blogger at The Young Bigmouth, posting under the category Captain’s Clicks. But I am still the writer around here, so we all know who wears the pants, don’t we?

For his very first post, Sid chose these marvelous Old Delhi picks that he took way back in 2005. Feast your eyes.

kabutarbazi old delhi
Kabutarbazi is not dying, yet, thankfully!
kabutarbazi chandni chowk
These were taken from a friend’s rooftop
kabutarbazi delhi
Bird’s eye view of the birds
  • very nice pics.

    • Thanks for the appreciation Girish. We will have more for you to keep coming back 🙂

  • Sid

    Thanks a lot everyone. Om- being such a introvert (in the virtual world) and an IT illiterate, it took me so long even to thank ppl for their kind appreciation. Pls everyone accept my apologies for responding so late. Cheers.

  • nice 🙂

  • Ajeeth Boaz

    Great shots, what a view for the man standing there…

  • aliasgarmukhtiar mukhtiar


  • Wonderful pics, brought back memories of fifty years ago when as a child in old Delhi, I spent hours watching the pigeons of our neighbours from our terrace!

    • Hey, I can only imagine how it would have been back then. But this part of the city hasn’t changed that much, too.