Do I have to trash Delhi airport food?

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As it happens, every most travelers crib endlessly about food at airports and on airplanes. There is an unsaid agreement among food bloggers and travelers to show put all this flying food back in its place.

But I have found it very hard to say bad things about food, any food. My taste buds have no self-respect and my mouth has always been a one way street. I am a foodie, the kind who are great consumers of food, not great connoisseurs. That’s why, I love airport food. Even if I am pressed for time, I make a point to quickly chow or gulp down something.

Though I have heard that terminal T3 is much better, I don’t particularly mind the old terminal – 1D. You can have Italian and Mediterranean at Fresco, pizza at Dominos, South Indian food at a restaurant whose name I have forgotten, and then there is a Costa Coffee, Pizza Hut and KFC. So, if you are one who is not fussy, you can eat well here.

Usually, have early morning flights and prefer to have the breakfast platter at Baker’s Street.

baker's street delhi airport

Grab your morning Cappuccino, free Times of India and view of the planes in the morning light.

coffee at delhi airport 1d

It feels good to look at these giant barrels and know for sure that they can fly.

delhi airport 1d

And, it feels better to look at all these items and know that they can all hide inside your belly.

delhi domestic airport

And it feels bad to know that I can never be a food critique, because I learnt early in life that you can’t talk much with a mouth full of food.

delhi airport terminal