Photographic tour of Corbett. All nature, no tiger.

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Can you imagine a trip to Corbett without the jungle safari, stories about spotting/narrowly missing a tiger and elephant rides etc?

If I tell you that’s exactly what my trip was all about, you will collectively tch tch with all the heartfelt sympathy and wish me luck for the next time. Thank you for your concern but I had a great time during the 51 hours I spent there.

We walked inside the paths inside the resort, we tried to scale the walls (it was prohibited), we slipped through the barbwire and sat on the narrow earth between the fence and the river (it was prohibited), we slept on the grass and read Sue Grafton (me!) and David Miller (my wife), we went outside the resort into the evening darkness, we annihilated the buffet breakfast until they threw us out at gun point, we trekked to the suspension bridge and the Garija temple beyond, we took the longer road back, we drowsed on warm stones, took impromptu dips in the chilling water, we bought silly hats and wore it with pride, we watched the old have a wild time playing mindless games, we got lost in the woods and fought over whose idea it was.

We walked through another resort faking as resident because it had better access to the river, we went into their dining hall and inquired about their buffet too – absolutely shameless on our part but thumbs up to them. As a consolation, we will probably stay there the next time we go. We got a lift from a kind family in a tuktuk who after crossing us twice realised that we are lost. We challenged each other to the Burma Bridge and my wife beat me to it. I realised five feet was too high for my vertigo, wonder how my head stays up there without rolling down every now and then.

Anyhow, here are the photos.

bloodspots corbett

While walking from the suspension bridge to the Garija temple, we followed a shop owner who took us through a jungle path. We followed this blood trail for about a hundred meters and then we had to cross the river. The shop owner told us stories about the animals and the deity along the way. In return, we bought coconuts for the deity from him. Great deal!


suspension bridge corbett

Quite a few people miss the bridge. Between the resorts and the driving around, this is forgotten. You have to deviate from the main road to go to the bridge. Ask anyone for the lohe ka pul and they will guide you along.

corbett suspension bridge

Same bridge, different angle (as if you didn’t know already!)

Garija temple corbett

The very famous Garija temple.

garija temple

Same temple, different angle (as if you didn’t know already!).

kosi riverbed

Stones on the Kosi river bed.

kosi riverbed stones

Same stones, different angle (as if you didn’t know already!). Now, it’s getting too much.!!

kosi riverbed flower

A marigold flower on Kosi river bed.

boy flying kite

No, it’s not the same flower from a different angle. It’s a little boy flying his kite on Kosi river bed. Very journalistic!Thank you. Visit again.

  • Ravi Akula

    Good one. Quite enjoyed the humour. Cheers.

  • Siddhartha Joshi

    Reading your post is absolutely delightful…I enjoyed it thoroughly 🙂 Its witty, intelligent and has loads of tips as well…

    Maybe I can offer some unsolicited advice here as well…you can perhaps tweak the exposure setting on the camera. Some of these are nice pics, but a little overexposed…

    • Sid, I owe a full disclosure here. I use the most basic Sony Cybershot camera that my wife bought a decade back.

      When I get a better one I will be bugging you for tips. You pics are awesome.

  • Ektarelan

    Looks like a great adventure trip. Will surely do it next time I am in North India. Hopefully might see tigers 🙂

    • Yes, you should. It’s a good place and all the best with the tigers. You will have a better chance in a zoo 🙂