Wenger’s – The best bakery in Delhi?

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This is a sure shot way of getting some cake on my face. People in Delhi are passionate about their cakes and bakes and I don’t want to get on their wrong side. But I know I am rooting for a winner here. Wenger’s is one of the first bakeries in town, founded in 1926 as it was.

Even if you have no respect for age, walk into their only store in Connaught Place and see the love for yourself. You will spend a long time bent over the glass and drooling over the pastries while people behind you will give you a lovely back massage, with their elbows.

Confession: The back massage is the reason why the photos are so horrible. And, I forgot to take pictures of the Lemon Swiss Roll and Mango Mousse I had there. Good thing is your monitor and keyword will remain dry.

wengers bakery

wengers connaught place

wengers Delhi

wengers bakery delhi

I am sure he is not always like this. Those damn sand wiches have overtaken his soul for now.

Now, they have also opened a Wenger’s Deli close by, which smells awesome. The food is not very expensive and even if you are not hungry, go in and take a deep breath.

wengers deli

wengers deli delhi

wengers deli new delhi

What’s your favourite bakery in Delhi, or anywhere else you are? Do you have photos or links to your post?

  • Thanks Rohini. I have been to Birdy’s which is quite good too. Never been to Theos, now that you recommend, I will try it out. Send me the link when you post your pictures. 

  • Rohini Singh

    😀 Thats a mouthwatering post! Their Truffle Cake was a staple for our pg birthday celebrations. Though my personal pet is Birdy’s in mukherjee nagar and GK ii and Theos here in Noida.. Awesome awesome! 🙂 I’ d post about it someday soon.. 🙂