– Play a game and feed the hungry

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The idea of charity has embarrassed us throughout our lives. We have always been conflicted between taking the easy way or the tougher one for virtue. Spending a Sunday with friends scores over going to teach in a community school. Walking on is so much simpler than staying at a blood donation camp. Buying a mass produced discounted product is more tempting than a locally produced slightly more expensive one.

We fell wretched when we have to make such decisions. Most of the times, we just blank it out. Now, there is a balm for your aggrieved consciences, a shot at redemption for the armchair philanthropists. Freerice enables you to lay a simple vocabulary game and for every correct answer, it donates 10 grains of rice. For the really wretched among you, here is a consolation – you don’t have to donate the rice or even bear the cost.

All you got to do is play.

The site is run by United Nation’s World Food Program which also donates and distributes the rice. The site was started in 2007 and so far enough rice has been distributed to feed nearly 5 million people two meals for a day. See more amazing stats here.