How You Spend Your Sundays Defines Who You Are!

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Weekdays are easy. You wake up in the morning, go to office, do what you are required to do. When you return home, life is too bored to ask you any questions and you are too tired to dig any deeper.

But on weekends, everything changes. Usually, the planning begins much earlier. While the plans may differ from weekend to weekend, the obnoxious and perennial questions remain the same.

Who are you, really?

On weekends, the time is yours. There are no compulsions to do anything, or much, in particular. So what you end up doing says a lot about you. Come Monday, people will ask you about the body of work you completed on the weekend and you better have something more than a blank canvas to show.

In fact, it is not about other’s questions at all. At the cost of repetition, it is about who you are. Let’s explore the complexity of the problem.

  • Are you a thinker/dreamer?

Did you always think of yourself as the thinker, the dreamer, one who takes pleasure in the leisures of life?

Then you should be doing nothing on weekends. You should wake up late, hold your cup of coffee and idle around in the house or sit outside on the terrace. You should take a long look at your book rack, browse through the blurbs of books you have not read, pick something that complements the shades of your philosophical mind and let the day consume itself.

An evening walk in the park or a soiree with other intellectual friends should be in order too. But anything extravagant will ruin the moderate temperament that you are known for.

  • Are you a doer?

Did you fancy yourself as one who just does not live but attacks every living moment with vigour and passion?

Then you live under the terrible pressure of filling every waking moment with an activity that meets your exacting standards. Wake up early, hit the gym or go for a jog, come back to toss every sleeping soul out of their beds. Plan a day that invigorates you but tires the bones out of everyone else.

Here is what it should be like. Lead a group of morning walkers around the heritage sites of your city about which your knowledge is unbeatable or finish Monday’s office work in advance. Go on a photography trip around the city; take your kids to the games or your wife on a perfectly unplanned and pleasantly surprising drive out of town.

Once you have done any or all of the above, you should come back, go through the mails and give every one in your team so much work that it ruins their Mondays. If you are into cooking, you will cook something awesome for the admirers who are coming over. If you are into movies, you should have found a masterpiece which no one else would have heard of. .. so on and so forth.

  • If you are an aspiring writer/painter or a hobbyist/amateur 

This also applies to all those who are in pursuit of excellence in life. For you, your job is a means to keep the kitchen running. Work is something that keeps you from going hungry while you focus on your passions. Clearly, you are in a hurry to get somewhere else and the weekends are the days when you can cover maximum distance.

Your weekend is the reason you live through the week for. So, all your Sundays are quite identical. They are spent in learning more about your object of passion – finishing that half written piece from last week, adding a few brush strokes to the canvas or trying a hundred variations with your digital SLR.

Your wife may have resigned to her fate and your friends may have stopped calling you after your constant pre-occupations. But this is what you do and this is who you are. You may struggle but you keep at it.

This list is not exhaustive. I will have to write a weekend version of Linda Goodman to do justice to the topic, but you get the drift. More importantly, now you know why I shake in my boots on Fridays. My expectations from life, which generally float around my head during the weekdays, slowly descend onto my shoulders.

If you have been taking your weekends lightly, this is a wake up call. If you have been wasting them on movies, eating out, meeting friends and family, and generally having fun, you should change your erring ways now.