Like is for losers. I want you to love me!

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Come on, tell me the truth. How many of you aspire to be liked? And, to be liked by friends!

If your friends like you, I can bet you never get invited to parties. Girls use you to drive them to places but you have no idea how their place looks from inside. You get a lot of smiles but no hugs. No has been nasty to you but no one has ever told you a meaningful thing either. And, you have never been part of any group of less than four. Because, no one wants to get close to you.

That’s what we all do to people we like. We consider them to be insipid and we are indifferent to them. They are not deserving enough of our love and they don’t have a character strong enough to be despised. In most of the romantic movies, heroines say this line to all the nice guys before they are scheduled to meet the hero – You are a really nice man. I like you but…. I don’t love you.

This sums up the meaning of the word like. Who, in the whole wide world, wants to be liked? We wanted love. We wanted to be Mick Jagger or our own fantasized version of him. (Disclosure: even Mick Jagger is not very happy with who he is. )

This was before Facebook. Now, all we want is to be liked. The death of aspiration and love.

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