Trademarkia: Find out if your logo is a fake!

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There can be two scenarios when it comes to logos. Your logo can be a duplicate. It might have a evil twin somewhere, only born earlier. So you are the thief and the violator.

The second scenario – some one has been inspired by your logo, loved it so much that he wanted to give it his name. Now, you are the violated.

Previously, there was no way to know. When I was working for an ad agency, logo designing was one of the most intensive creative processes. It still is. You have to express the whole existence of a brand in a few square inches. But there was no guidance. A few will go silent for hours, trying to compress the humongous amount of data, emotions and other intangible stuff into a few strokes. A few others will run to design books to find something that can be modified.

It was painful. The honest ones never knew how original their work was. The rotten ones got away if they were smarter and were not ripping off the logo of Coca Cola! (By the way, if you are Coca Cola, you can get away with a rip off. See the video.)

Now, you can use Trademarkia.  Here are a few incredible things that you can do with, all with ease:

  • Search for logos using logo elements as keywords, such as circles, green, world map etc. See if the trademarks are live or not.
  • Spot logos and brand names for which the trademark has expired. You can build on them to create your own brand.  Nothing to be ashamed off, Google and Yahoo and Twitter are all born-again brands.
  • Trademarkia also offers logo designing and trademark registration services.

Even if you are interested in all the heavy duty stuff, it is still a cool tool to play around with, especially, if you are one in this business. Check it out now.