Jing: Instant screenshots and screencasts

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I have been using it for some time now. Trust me, if you are technologically challenged like me, this is like magic. I could never get the sequence right when it came taking a screenshot. .. Press Print Screen Button…Paste on Paint or any image editing software…cut what you want or whatever.

It’s child’s play to many of you, a day’s work for me. Big deal. Jing is free, easy to use, edit and share. You can take screenshots or you can create videos. Share them on Screencast, web, email, IM, Twitter or your blog.

Let’s say, you are working for some client in a different time zone. Time and communication is important. The client passes on the FTP details to you. It does not work. It takes twenty mails back and forth to find a solution. My clients used to tell me “It works for me, why won’t it work for you?”

Now, I just take a screenshot and send it right away. Someone wants to see the demo of a back-end. Righto. I upload the video on Screencast and send the link.

This is way to professional and easy way of collaboration when you are divided by the seas, which is how most of us work these days. Moreover, let’s say you are a freelance developer, you can add value instantly. Create a video and offer a “Free Tutorial” to all when you bid on Elance or Freelancer.

Download the free version and try. I am not an established blogger. I don’t get paid for reviews. So you can trust me.