Why It’s Great To Work With A Proud Company

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The great recession is fading, at least in waves. Many still don’t believe the reprieve would be any time sooner. However, that’s a matter of debate on a finance log, in which I have no particular expertise.

We all agree that it’s been long and depressing. Some companies are slowly coming out of a ruthless hibernation and a lot others are still struggling. What happens to pride under such circumstances?

Certainly, it’s not on top of the list of many companies. But the point is to find out where exactly is it in the list of adjustments that companies make when the going gets tough. In the times of economic depression, companies are under greater duress to acquire new clients, retain the existing ones, keep old clients reasonably happy, and among all the cost cutting, keep the employees motivated.

Due to the dynamics beyond anyone’s control, old clients become less adjusting and new ones, more demanding. Generally, companies bend over their backs to keep the business going.

But is it ok for you to choose the most inverted one?

Most people keep looking for a company that goes far out of its way to serve them. But isn’t it their way of dong things which made you choose them?  How do they maintain a reasonable bottom line after giving deep discounts across all segments? Have these companies suddenly transformed into philanthropic organizations or are you being compromised where you can’t sense it?

It’s crucial to note how many companies turn down business when the queries are down? What pushes these few down the seemingly path self-annihilation?

It’s pride. And it’s not a path of self-destruction. Pride is a good combination of good business sense, survival and  a great PR tool.